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Academic Policy

Hamburg Boys’ Lacrosse Academic Policy

It is expected that anyone intending to tryout for a Hamburg High
School Lacrosse Team is aware of, and in compliance with this
academic policy. The parent(‘s) and student athlete’s signature on
this document indicates an awareness and agreement of the

If participation in lacrosse at the collegiate level is one of the logical
options for our student athletes, it is necessary that academic
expectation is a top priority. Therefore, it is hoped that each
participant will strive to reach their academic potential as
determined with input from parent(s), school personnel, coaches
and that individual. Each individual’s academic standing will be
monitored, evaluated and, if determined in need, assisted in the
pursuit of this endeavor.

After review of the first marking period grades, those individuals
deemed candidates for remediation, will, at the coach’s
recommendation, participate in one of the following programs. This
participation will be documented by the approved adult and notice
of compliance will be delivered to the head coach before the student
athlete is allowed to participate in the next team activity.

The Learning Center
The Learning Center offers assistance to all students in any subject
area and provides educational resources and support to help
students meet their individual goals. The center is open every
period of the day and is staffed by experienced teachers and student
tutors. You can access more thorough and complete information by
going to A student athlete who chooses
to attend TLC for his remediation will spend at least two 40 minute
periods each week working on an area of need. If an individual has
more than one area of need, an appropriate program will be

Primary Course Teacher Assistance
A student athlete interested in working with his present, or another
qualified, course specific educator, may fulfill his requirement of
remediation by meeting with that adult for two 40 minute sessions
each week. The head coach will communicate with that adult to
determine compliance and progress in this attempt.

Approved Tutors
An individual interested in another option for remediation may opt
to meet with an approved tutor. This must be an adult who is
certified in the specific area of need. Again, two sessions per week of
40 minutes will be the expectation.

Evaluation of Progress
Meeting remediation requirements involves the student athlete’s
attendance at one of the three options outlined above. It is also
expected that the student will demonstrate an appropriate attitude
and effort, and ideally, an elevated grade as a result. If the student
does not comply with this attendance, or does not show
improvement in the specific area of study, the parent(s), school
personnel, head coach and student athlete will meet to determine the
next attempt. That student athlete’s future participation with the
lacrosse team will be determined by this group of concerned
individuals. A weekly evaluation by school personnel will determine
the level of participation appropriate.

I have read and agree with the terms of this academic policy.
Student athlete__________________________________
Parent(s) _______________________________________
School personnel_________________________________
Head coach______________________________________

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